June 04, 2020

Visual Studio Codespaces on Android

I thought it would be fun to see if I could code with visual studio codespaces on android. I always thought an on-the-go editor would be fun.

First challenge: virtual keyboards seem to have some issues with selecting code, copying and pasting, or interacting with the menus.

Good news: Using a…

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  March 13, 2018

Debugging your blog

Ever wanted to debug your blog like you do your code? Well, now you can! Ok, so I've been tinkering with the blog generation a lot. Metalsmith seems useful, but I've had to research things several times. I didn't quite have the definition data structure right a few times and it was challenging to…

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  March 12, 2018

Adventures in blog generation

I have wanted to run my blog posts through a static site generator for a while. For a little bit, I made my own engine with RazorViewEngine templates in C#. That worked fairly well for rootbeergames.com. But that's super simple. Now I'm trying to build my own. I wanted something fairly portable and…

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  March 05, 2013

IEnumerator Cloning

A word of warning. I'm about to show you something you should probably never do. I really enjoy using LINQ in C#. Much of it is founded on IQueryable and IEnumerable types. One time I was deep diving into the inner workings of enumerable types to try to find a simpler syntax to manage some complex…

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  February 05, 2013

Hybrid Teams

I saw a lot of demand for additional developers a while ago and in an attempt to help, I wrote a potential way to expand the company's talent pool. It didn't fit the company's business approach, but I thought more people might like to see my thoughts. Feel free to critique it politely.

There is very…

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